Health Mediation. International Trade.

We are present in the most decisive areas of modern society: health, mediation and international trade, where big decisions are taken.


Clínicas Leite

Excellence in healthcare, for excellent health.

A private health clinic with two clinical units, in Coimbra and Lisbon, and with excellent services in all areas of health.

Supported by professionals of recognized national and international merit, our objective is to preserve the health of those who come to us, educating for disease prevention and innovating in the medical-surgical techniques we use.

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Vitália Saúde Consulting

Not just better healthcare, but a better healthcare experience.

We see Health Tourism as a set of products that, having health as the main reason and natural resources as support, aim to provide tourists with the improvement of their physical or mental well-being.

As such, we have the best tools to combine a trip for surgery or treatment with a tourist package tailored to the needs and expectations of each client, in a country with a mild climate and varied products, from the beach to the culture and history to gastronomy.

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Círculo de Mestres

Quality in Well-Being

We are a management company whose main functions are the operation and management of homes for the elderly and senior homes, seeking to respond to the need of a society with a large number of elderly people with increasingly higher quality of life values.

We work to be the answer to the evolution of our community and the families that comprise it, providing a long, healthy and active life to the users of the units we manage. We base our investments on superior quality of health, comfort and well-being.

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Optimize Answer

A tailored solution for each person.

We are a Financial Credit Mediation company with protocols and a privileged relationship with the main banking, financial and country institutions, always aiming to defend the interests of our clients and provide the best solutions.

Our foundation is seriousness, professionalism, dedication and commitment, and we have the client as the center of gravity of all work.

We study the profile of each client in order to be able to present the best financial proposals and offer an independent and global financial advisory service.

We work to be recognized as a model company in financial advice, with solutions tailored to the true needs of our customers, in areas such as mortgage loans, personal loans, car loans and insurance.

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Optimistic Occasion

The Right Partner for any Occasion!

We are a real estate agency dedicated to intermediating the purchase and sale of real estate and properties.

We find our clients' dream home with total dedication, professionalism and know-how.

With us, dreams come true!

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International Trade

Portugal Going Global

The best of Portugal’s National Products.

Our project is exporting and selling wine from all national varieties to the international market. But we are much more than that. We are a company that believes in the value of the Portugal brand and wants to bring the best of what is done here to the four corners of the world.

Move-nos a paixão pelas vinhas nacionais, cuidadas pelos produtores como um bem precioso, das quais se extrai esse néctar dos deuses a que chamamos vinho.

Por outro lado, move-nos mostrar a versatilidade e a diversidade do vinho português, tão premiado em todo o mundo, presente em grandes provas mundiais e de um aroma inigualável.

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Complet Índice

Excellence is our DNA.

We are a company dedicated to international trade. We sell medical, surgical, and nursing material, medicines, hospital and laboratory consumables, as well as medical equipment and devices.

We accepted the challenge of showing the foreign market a Complete Index of high quality national products that stand out from the competition for their reliability and innovation.

At Index Complete, we are committed to exporting only excellent medical-surgical and nursing material, complying with the highest quality standards. We are present in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southwest Asia and Africa markets.

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